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The advantages of LED lighting over standard fluorescent bulbs are well known.  Large reductions in power consumption and greater durability provide significant reductions in costs.

The majority of LED systems contain the LED within a 'fluorescent type' housing that contains an individual driver/voltage converter and is supplied by a 240v cable.  The whole structure has to be sealed to prevent water ingress.

Failure of the LED usually requires the replacement of the entire housing unit which can be costly.

The LiteBar™ has a myriad of uses with the waterproof version being ideal for agricultural and equine use.


LED Lighting Sytems

LiteBar™ Features:

  • Simple design; easy to install

  • Discreet, low profile

  • Est 25,000 hours LED lifetime continuous use

  • Low cost replacement of LED at end of life

  • Highly durable and robust

  • Competitively priced

  • Supplied in Aluminium or PVC

  • Light output from 370-3500 lumens at source

Simple and Discreet

Durable and Robust

Easy to Install

The LiteBar™ works in a radically different way, eliminating the need for enclosure and using separate drivers that supply multiple units with a direct 12v supply.

Each LED unit is manufactured to specific standards of moisture resistance from IP20 (indoor use) to IP68 (waterproof).  The LED is mounted into a solid state tube that is compatible with standard electrical conduit which carries a 12v cable direct to the LED that is simple to remove and replace.